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Using SMTP for outgoing mail

November 14th, 2010 | | 0

In order to send email, you can either use the SMTP server belonging to your Internet Service Provider, or you can use the Gigahost SMTP service. One advantage of using our outgoing mail server is that you are independent of your ISP’s mail server. This can be useful if you carry around a laptop to several different locations, and thus use differend ISPs.

In order to use the Gigahost SMTP service, you must authenticate using an email address and password, as set up in the “Mail” section of the Control Center.

Server Address (host):
Port: 587
Username: the full e-mail address, as set up in the Control Cneter
Password: as chosen in the Control Center
Authentication Type: plain / “password”
SSL/TLS: Yes. It is important to choose TLS or SSL encryption.

In Outlook, first create the mail account. Then go to “Properties” for the account and enable authentication using username and password for outgoing mail.

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